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Minutes of the May 13, 2006 Meeting

Dave Wigton explains the "trackerization" of the Votteler organ and fields questions from the Michigan Chapter O.H.S. members assembled at St. Patrick's Church in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Lively discussions are a hallmark of O.H.S. Michigan Chapter meetings.

Ken Holden, Dave Wagner and David Wigton investigate the Votteler organ pipe works.

Kim Kilburn listens pensively as Joann Rickards-Clark plays.

Dana Hull, Carl Balduf, David Wigton and Greg Garber after lunch at RP McMurphy's in Wyandotte.

MaryAnn Balduf and Kim Kilburn appear to enjoy a sing-along as Greg Garber plays.


MaryAnn Balduf plays, as David Wigton and Greg Garber seem pleased by what they hear.


The May 2006 meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the Organ Historical Society was called to order at 9:45 a.m. at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Wyandotte, Michigan.


Present were Carl Balduf, MaryAnn Balduf, Joann Rickards Clark, Greg Garber, Ken Holden, Dana Hull, Al Hunter, Dave Wagner and David Wigton, who co-hosted the meeting along with Kim Kilburn, organist at St. Patrick's.


Acting President Carl Balduf asked for approval of the minutes of the April meeting, as printed on the Michigan Chapter Web site and provided as printed copies at the meeting. A motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded and the motion carried.


The Treasurer's report (printed below) was then reviewed and accepted.


Kim Kilburn, St. Patrick's Organist was introduced to the group, with many thanks for co-hosting the meeting,


Old Business included a discussion of the Michigan Chapter archive. Balduf stated that the Madonna University archive was now unsure about hosting the archive. Dave Wagner explained that it was a matter is staff and money. Balduf related that Fr. Pennington had suggested the Bentley Library in Ann Arbor and Joann Rickards Clark said she would look into the possibilities at Mary Grove college.


New Business was taken up with the appointment of a vote-tallying committee, consisting of Dana Hull, MaryAnn Balduf and Kim Kilburn. The committee then retired to count the votes received as of May 12, 2006 plus one vote cast at the meeting.


Balduf then announced that the first fall meeting, arranged by Steven Ball, would be on September 2 at Hill Auditorium and Burton Tower, for a demonstration of the Frieze Memorial Organ and the Charles Baird Carillon. Balduf expressed his gratitude for Steven's efforts to make these arrangements.


The vote counting committee returned with their tabulated results of the Chapter election:


Total number of votes cast: 19

Carl Balduf for President: 19

Terry Jankowski for Treasurer: 19

Henry Aldridge for Vice President: 10

Steven Ball for Vice President: 8

(Note that one ballot was cast without a vote for Vice President.)


The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m., followed by an interesting talk and Q&A by Dave Wigton about his restoration and "trackerization" of the 1927 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling (and 1964 J. A. Hebert & Son) Organ (LISTEN) Dave Wagner, MaryAnn Balduf, Greg Garber and Joann Rickards Clark then demonstrated the organ. All agreed that it was a lovely piece of work by Wigton Pipe Organs, Inc.


After departing St. Patrick's Church, a number of members met at RP McMurphy's restaurant for a delightful time at lunch.


Respectfully submitted,


Carl Balduf




Al Hunter and Dana Hull take a moment to chat.


Joann Rickards Clark and Kim Kilburn are

dwarfed by the immense beauty of the sanctuary.



Treasurer's Report

May13, 2006


O. H. S. Michigan Chapter Treasurer's Report as of May 12, 2006


Beginning balance:................................ $1,632.13

Expense (Dave Wagner sponsorship)......... (500.00)

Dues deposited............................................ 20.00

for Greg Garber and Ken Holden............................ ________

Current balance...................................... $1152.13



Terry Jankowski

Chapter Treasurer


The 2006 renewals to May 13, 2006 are:

Henry Aldridge

Carl Balduf

MaryAnn Balduf

Steven Ball

Brian Buehler

Joanne V. Rickards Clark

Robert Davey

Gary Dodd

Trevor Dodd

Rosemarie Dyer

David Enos

Donna Estry

Leonard Feerick

Greg Garber

Susan Goodson

Dorothy Holden

Ken Holden

Dana Hull

Terry Jankowski

David Michael Klemmer, Jr.

Susan Knighton

John Lovegren

Patrick Paddock

Edmund Price

Brian Sweetman

Henry VanDyke

David Wagner

Sara Welch

David Wigton

James O. Wilkes