Dimnent Memorial Chapel

Hope College

Holland, Michigan


The Gallery Organ

Built by Pels & van Leeuwen, Orgelmakers

Alkmaar, the Netherlands


The gallery organ in Dimnent Memorial Chapel was built in 1970 in the style of the 17th and 18th century Dutch organ. Its pipes and action are self-contained in an oak case with speaking pipes forming a prospect across the front opening. The key action is completely mechanical, and the wind pressure is low. The organ has three divisions: the Bovenwerk, played on the upper keyboard; the Hoofdwerk, the main division played on the lower keyboard, and the Pedaal. The principal rank of pipes for each of these divisions is called the Prestant ('show pipes'), and is located in the organ's case. As one looks at the front of the instrument the location of the pipes for each division becomes clearly apparent: the two 'side towers' house the Pedaal, the upper central section houses the Bovenwerk ('upper works'), and the lower central section houses the Hoofdwerk.