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Minutes of the October 28, 2006 Meeting


Chapter President Carl Balduf called the October 28, 2006 meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the Organ Historical Society to order at 10 a.m. at Meadow Brook Hall on the Oakland University Campus, Rochester, Michigan.


Present were Carl Balduf, MaryAnn Balduf, Steven Ball, Fred Fahrner, Leonard Feerick, Jerrell Frederick, Ken Holden, Al Hunter, Terry Jankowski, John Keeber, Lee Pelton, Jasper Pennington, Edmund Price, Brian Sweetman and James Wilkes. Marianne Rzepka, a feature writer for The Ann Arbor News, was also present as a guest of the Chapter.


Following an Invocation by Chapter Chaplain The Rev. Fr. Jasper Pennington, the minutes of the May 13 and Sept. 2 meetings were approved as presented on the Chapter Website and in hard copy at the meeting. Balduf called for volunteers to take on the jobs of drafting Chapter bylaws and ascertaining the Chapter's non-profit organization tax status. Fr. Pennington accepted both assignments.


Chapter Vice President Steven Ball then announced progress in setting up meeting venues for the Spring 2007 meetings. April 21 will be at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio (unmodified E. M. Skinner organ). A meeting has also been confirmed for several locations in Ionia, Michigan, with a date still to be determined. Terry Jankowski then provided details of the May 6 meeting in Monroe, a joint meeting with the Detroit and Toledo chapters of the American Guild of Organists. Four venues will be visited. (Details to be provided on the Meeting Notices page of the Website.)


Treasurer Terry Jankowski presented the Treasurer's Report, showing a balance of $1,240.13. Details follow these minutes.


Steven Ball requested that funds be made available to purchase first-class stationery on which to write thank you letters to the meeting sponsors venues. The request was unanimously approved. Irene Connors will be the recipient of a thank you letter for the generous hospitality shown by her and the staff of Meadow Brook Hall, especially William Chichowski, Rich Helderop and Arthur Snook.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:25 a.m., followed by a presentation about the Aeolian Organ, given by Messrs. Chickowski, Heldrop and Snook. Ken Holden supplied a stop list and a letter detailing some of the history of the organ. Following the presentation, Chapter members played the organ and explored the various organ chambers. Photographs and a listening link are provided below.


Respectfully submitted,



Carl Balduf





Terry Jankowski and Ken Holden in

the Aeolian Organ's posh setting.

Note the player rolls in the background

Steven Ball at the console of the Aeolian Organ

at Meadow Brook Hall as Jerrell Frederick stands by.


Pipes tower over MaryAnn Balduf in the main chamber.


John Keeber deep in the echo

organ chamber.


Steven Ball, James Wilkes and Leonard

Feerick ponder some registration options.


Terry Jankowski and Ed Price compare

notes in the Meadow Brook Hall ambience.


Al Hunter enjoys a

bit of conversation.


Art Snook gives MaryAnn Balduf a few Aeolian Organ registration pointers.

Brian Sweetman and Ken Holden in the echo organ chamber.


Jerrell Frederick checks out the chimes in the echo organ chamber.

Brian Sweetman plays as Lee Pelton and

Ed Price enjoy the music.


John Keeber and MaryAnn Balduf

go over the minutes of the May meeting.


Steven Ball plays as Bill Cichowski captures

the scene on video tape.


MaryAnn Balduf and

Lee Pelton are obviously

tickled by the Aeolian Organ sound


"Put that in your pipe, but donít

smoke it!"(Brian Sweetman, Lee

Pelton and Ken Holden in the echo

organ chamber)



At the Pic-A-Deli for lunch. (Jerrell Frederick, Al Hunter, Ken Holden, Terry Jankowski, Brian Sweetman, MaryAnn Balduf, John Keeber and Fr. Jasper Pennington.)


Treasurer's Report


Beginning Balance as of September 7, 2006...................................................... $1172.13

Expenses: CaBalettA Enterprises, Inc. (September Meeting Coffee & Donuts).......... -37.74

2006 Dues Received as of October 27, 2006........................................................ +70.00*

Balance as of October 28, 2006........................................................................ $1204.39


*Dues received from:

Diane Hiltner

Gail Jennings

John Keeber

Edman Lueng

Lee Pelton

Brad Pickard

Arthur Snook (Dues received Nov. 1; not included in dues total above)

Mary Ann Wilkes

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