Organ Historical Society

Michigan Chapter


Minutes of October 8, 2005 Meeting

OHSers ponder the console of the magnificent Petty-Madden organ at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church.

O.H.S. Mich. Chapter Fall 2005 Membership Survey


2. How likely would it be that you would attend a meeting on a Sunday afternoon (2 or 3 p.m.)?

5 Not likely.

4 Pretty Likely

3 Very Likely


5. How far would you travel to a meeting? As far as:

Toledo: 7 yes

Flint: 7 yes

Jackson 6 yes

Battle Creek: 4 yes

Windsor: 7 yes

Detroit: 10 yes

Ann Arbor: 10 yes


Joann Rickards Clark at the Petty-Madden console as MaryAnn Balduf stands ready to turn pages,


Exploring the elegant sounds of the Marygrove College Casavant organ.

The October 2005 meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the Organ Historical Society was called to order at 10:30 a.m. at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, following an hour of playing and listening to the bold and beautiful Petty-Madden organ. (Listen)


Present were Carl and MaryAnn Balduf, Anne and Fred Fahrner, Leonard Feerick, Dana Hull, John Lovegren, Edmund Price, Joann Rickards Clark and David Wigton.


Acting President Carl Balduf reported on the results of the mail survey (relevant data shown on the left). He asked for calling committee volunteers and Joann Rickards Clark volunteered to head the committee. Balduf also mentioned that a Michigan Chapter Web page is available at


He then thanked Joann Rickards Clark for hosting the meeting at both Hartford Memorial Baptist Church and at Marygrove College. A hearty round of applause followed.


Balduf then raised a question about the 501c(3) status of the Chapter. It was opined within the group that this status is conferred through the national O.H.S. organization. Balduf said that he would check on this.


Discussion then followed about dues for student members. A motion was made and seconded that student dues be $5. The motion carried.


In the absence of Treasurer Terry Jankowski, who was out of town, Balduf read the treasurer report (printed below).


The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m. and the participants partook of coffee and goodies provided by Hartford Memorial. The meeting then moved to Marygrove college to explore the elegant romanticism of the Casavant organ in the Chapel. (Listen)


Respectfully submitted,


Carl Balduf

Acting President



Treasurer Report

October 8, 2005


As of now, there are nine renewals and one new member:


David Enos 

2715 Greenstine Dr.#1309

Auburn Hills, MI 48236



The renewals are:


Henry Aldridge

James Wilkes

Dorothy Holden

Joanne V. Rickards Clark

Terry Jankowski

Brian Buehler

Henry VanDyke

Rosemarie Dyer

Edmund Price


The previous checking account balance was $1,327.13. A deposit of $100 was made on September 30 with the dues of those listed above, bringing the current balance to $1,427.13.



Terry Jankowski