Organ Historical Society

Michigan Chapter


Minutes of the September 2, 2006 Meeting


The September 2, 2006 meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the Organ Historical Society was called to order in The University of Michigan Hill Auditorium by Chapter vice president Steven Ball at 10:05 a.m.


Present were Henry Aldridge, Carl Balduf, MaryAnn Balduf, Steven Ball, Gary Dodd, Trevor Dodd, Leonard Feerick, Jerrell Frederick, Diane Hiltner, Dorothy Holden, Ken Holden, Dana Hull, Al Hunter, Terry Jankowski, Edmund Price, Steve Warner, Mary Ann Wilkes and James Wilkes. New members present included John Keeber, Brad Pickard, Lee Pelton and Edman Lueng. It should be noted that several attendees drove from as far as Battle Creek, Sparta and Warren.


Because of the crowded demonstration agenda and the need to get ahead of Michigan Football traffic, Chapter president Carl Balduf, without objection, deferred the business meeting until the next regular meeting date, which will be announced soon. Balduf thanked Steven Ball for hosting today's meeting. Many thanks were also given to Jim Wilkes for his brief but comprehensive review of the physical and tonal history of the Frieze Memorial organ. Following an open console, the group moved to the top the 212-foot Burton Memorial Tower for a demonstration of the Baird Carillon. Please see the photos and listening links below.


Steve Ball provides a little romantic music, suitable for the silent screen (LISTEN). The listeners include (l-r) Leonard Ferrick, John Keeber, Brad Pickard, Jerrell Frederick, Edman Lueng and Trevor Dodd.



Jim Wilkes calls out stops as MaryAnn Balduf demonstrates.

O.H.S. Michigan Chapter members linger in the spotlight on

the Hill Auditorium stage.


A pleasant time at the Red Hawk after the meeting.

A little ear plugging by Trevor Dodd is in order during Steve Ball's carillon recital, especially when standing next to the bells! (LISTEN)


Steve Ball, University Carilloneur, stands by a 24,000 lb. bell as he provides background about the Baird Memorial carillon.


Trevor Dodd receives registration pointers from Steven

Ball at the Frieze Memorial Organ in Hill Auditorium, as

Jerrelll Frederick, John Keeber, Edman Lueng and Brad

Pickard view the action.



Ed Price tries his hand at the big Skinner organ as Steve

Ball adjusts some registration. Ken Holden, Dana Hull,

Al Hunter, Terry Jankowski, Diane Hiltner and Henry Aldridge are visible in the background.



MaryAnn Balduf "knuckles under" to the carillon practice keyboard in Burton Tower.

Pausing for a photo in the carillon office. Shown, l-r are

(back row) Carl Balduf, Leonard Feerick, Gary Dodd, Steve

Ball, Ed Price, Brad Pickard; middle row, MaryAnn Balduf and Dorothy Holden; front row: Trevor Dodd, Ken Holden, Edman Lueng.


Steve Ball demonstrates computerized spectrum analysis of carillon bell tones.


Jim Wilkes with two Mary Anns: wife on the right and MaryAnn Balduf.


Gary Dodd and Brad Pickard ponder the portrait of E. M. Skinner in a Hill Auditorium anteroom.






Trevor Dodd and Jerrell Frederick explore the sounds of the Frieze Memorial Organ.




Steve Ball hemmers out a slice of Mousorgski on the Baird Carillon.