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The Michigan Chapter of the Organ Historical Society (O.H.S.) was founded in 1994 for the purpose of presenting the 1995 O.H.S. Lower Michigan National Convention.* Founding officers were Dana Hull, President, MaryAnn Crugher Balduf, Secretary and Brian Buehler, Treasurer. Under their leadership, the Chapter remained active in southeast Michigan for the better part of a decade following the convention. During that time, its meetings showcased many historic organ venues and encouraged the restoration and maintenance of venerable instruments throughout the area. That period also saw Chapter members working diligently to continue restoration efforts centered on an 1892 Johnson & Sons instrument at the Cass Avenue Methodist Church in a Detroit urban neighborhood. Terry Jankowski subsequently assumed the treasurer's duties and was formally elected to the position in 2005, along with Carl Balduf as President. The Michigan Chapter currently has a small but enthusiastic membership.




Michigan Chapter Officers

Carl Balduf, President

Terrance Jankowski, Treasurer

The Rev. Jasper Green Pennington, Chaplain

Carl Balduf, Interim Membership Chairman

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Statement of Purpose


The purpose of the Michigan Chapter of the Organ Historical Society is to encourage, promote, and further an active interest in the pipe organ by those who champion their construction, restoration and preservation, particularly in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio; To provide members of the Chapter with opportunities for meetings, in venues with pipe organs of particular interest and merit, for discussions about and demonstrations of these instruments; To use its good offices and influence to have significant organs, particularly those in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio, preserved in their original condition or carefully restored;** To establish other programs and To conduct other lawful acts consistent with its purpose. The Michigan Chapter currently holds five meetings per calendar year: three in the March-June period and two in the Fall.


*Recordings from this convention and many others are available from the Organ Historical Society.

**Provided, however, that this clause shall not obligate the Chapter to expend its funds to preserve or restore significant organs.