The Pipe Organ of Angelica Lutheran Church

Casavant Freres, Op. 2123, 1952 - Renaissance Pipe Organ Co., Ann Arbor, MI, 1997-2007


1952 Specification


Pedal (2 ranks)


16' Subbass (pipes inscribed "Bourdon")



8' Cello (4-1/2"w.p.)

2007 Specification


Pedal (3 ranks, extended)

32'Resultant (derived from Ped. Bourdon)

16' Bourdon (5"w.p.)

16' Gedeckt (Sw. Bourdon)

8' Octave (6"w.p.)

8' Violoncello (5"w.p.)

8' Bourdon (ext. 16')

8' Gedeckt (Sw. Bourdon)

4' Choral Bass (ext. Octave)

4' Bourdon (ext. 16')

16' Trombone (ext. Sw. Trompette, full-length)

8' Trompette (Sw.)

4' Clarion (Sw. Trompette)


Swell (9 ranks, 4-1/2"w.p.)


8' Rohrflute (metal, pierced stoppers)

8' Viola da Gamba

8' Voix Celeste GG


4' Principal


2-2/3' Nazard (stopped)



Cornet IV (15-17-19-22)








Great (4 ranks, 4"w.p.)


8' Open Diapason


8' Melodia (wood, stopped basses)

8' Dulciana


4' Lieblich Flöte






Chimes (21 notes)


15 ranks, 880 pipes

Swell (18 ranks, 6"w.p.)

16' Bourdon (independent, 6"w.p.)*

8' Rohrflute

8' Viola da Gamba

8' Voix Celeste GG

8' Flute Celeste II (Celeste rank TC)*

4' Principal (re-scaled)

4' Flûte Octaviante

2-2/3' Nazard (new, cylindrical open)

2' Harmonic Piccolo

1-3/5' Tierce

Cornet IV (15-17-19-22)

8' Trompette*

8' Oboe*

8' Vox Humana*

4' Clarion (ext. 8' Trompette)


Zimbelstern (eight brass bells)


Great (11 ranks, 5"w.p.)

16' Violone (Ped. Violoncello)**

8' Open Diapason*

8' Violoncello (ext. Ped.)*

8' Melodia*

8' Dulciana (pipes restored)*

4' Octave*

4' Lieblich Flöte*

2' Fifteenth

Mixture III (12-19-22)

8' Trumpet*

8' Clarinette

8' Trompette (Sw.)*

Chimes (21 notes, relocated to Gallery)


32 ranks, 2,014 pipes


*Denotes stops having 68-note compass

**Notes 1-12 derived from Ped. Bourdon + Dulciana


Console specifications

  • General pistons: 1-12 (duplicated Thumb and Toe)
  • Divisional pistons: Swell 1-6, Great 1-6 (Thumb); Pedal 1-4 (Toe)
  • Reversible pistons (inter-canceling): Gt-Pd; Sw-Pd; Sw-Gt (duplicated Thumb and Toe)
  • Designated pistons: Full Organ, Zimbelstern (Thumb and Toe); Set, Cancel, Scope (Thumb)
  • Special reversible piston with indicator lamp: Chancel Shades Closed
  • 25 Levels of combination memory by Solid State Logic, Ltd., with display panel and lock switch
  • One Standard and three programmable Crescendo settings (30 stages each)
  • Crescendo Bargraph and indicator lamp
  • Multiplexed console connection with 25-ft. cable; may be connected in Transept or Chancel


Other specifications

Blower: 2 H.P. Zephyr blower with sound trap; high-capacity fan producing 10"static pressure

Console power supply: 35 Amperes @ 13.6 volts D.C.

Organ power supply: 35 Amperes @ 13.6 volts D.C.

Chimes power supply: 22 volts A.C.

Swell expression: Independent Chancel and Transept expression (one shoe), 16 stages each

Windchest actions: electro-pneumatic throughout; all pitman windchests of Casavant manufacture

All wind reservoirs releathered as part of this project.


Sources of Pipework

All original pipework of Angelica's Casavant op. 2123 except original Swell stopped Nazard

All pipes revoiced, and modified as follows:

  • Great/Pedal wind pressure revised to 5"water gauge
  • Swell wind pressure revised to 6"water gauge
  • Great Dulciana pipes (removed in 1977) restored to correct major damage sustained in storage
  • Swell Principal re-scaled

Pipework retained from 1977 additions:

  • Great Trumpet (former Sw. Trompette [Durst]), restored and revoiced on 5"wind

Pipework from 1926 Casavant organ at St. James Cathedral, Seattle, WA:

  • Pedal Octave/Choral Bass pipes (former Sw. Open Diapason) on Casavant unit actions
  • 24 pipes to extend Pedal Bourdon (former Sw. 8' Bourdon) on new RPO actions
  • Swell Trompette (former Swell "Closed Horn" pipes, revoiced 2007) on 1977 OSI actions
  • Swell 4' Flute Octaviante (wood, harmonic; basses re-scaled for lighter tone)

Pipework (new) custom built by Eastern Organ Pipes, Inc., Hagerstown, MD:

  • Great 4' Octave
  • Great 2' Fifteenth
  • Great Mixture III (12-19-22, Casavant pattern)
  • Great 8' Clarinette (Casavant pattern, hooded)
  • Swell 8' Flute Celeste II (Skinner pattern)
  • Swell 2-2/3' Nazard (narrow mouths, "French" scale)
  • Swell 2' Harmonic Piccolo
  • Swell 1-3/5' Tierce (narrow mouths, "French" scale)
  • Swell 8' Oboe (lift lids)
  • Pedal Violoncello (notes 33-68 to extend original rank)

Pipework from other sources:

  • Swell Vox Humana (1919 Austin, pipes revoiced 2007)
  • Swell Bourdon (1927 Estey pipes and windchests restored by RPO, 2003-2004)


Sources of Other Major Components

Great "B" pitman windchest and Ped. Octave unit windchest: St. John Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC

Swell "B" pitman windchest: First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, MI


Specifications/Design: David V. Hufford